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what is MarketBlast?

MarketBlast is a product submission and hunt platform that enables Innovators (Product Owners) to submit innovative products directly to Companies through the MarketBlast platform for the purpose of generating a deal to license, wholesale, retail, sell or liquidate products. A user may create a Submitter account (to submit products) or Receiver account (to receive submissions), or both, depending on their particular needs.

By offering a proprietary hunt platform, MarketBlast enables companies around the world to conduct product innovation hunts on the platform so that innovators can search and submit directly to them. And, by eliminating the middleman, MarketBlast provides direct communication and deal making between companies and innovators while eliminating traditional costs and processes associated with brokering products.

what are the benefits?

The MarketBlast platform offers distinct benefits to both Innovators and Companies outlined below.

Innovators (Product Owners)

  • Provides access to an ongoing, global stream of companies who are actively looking for innovative products.

  • Provides weekly alerts to notify when new company hunt opportunities are available.

  • Provides an easy system for compiling, managing and submitting product information directly to companies.

  • Provides for unlimited product profile pages and submissions.

  • Provides submission and decision tracking as well as reporting and communication tools.


  • Provides access to a global stream of product innovation opportunities.

  • Provides unlimited product hunts for company brands, product lines, divisions or subsidiaries.

  • Provides a centralized system for receiving, managing, tracking and archiving product submissions.

  • Provides reporting and communication tools to interact with innovators and enables companies to centralize, manage and archive all correspondence.

  • Provides a customizable submission form to be able to accept submissions directly on a company's website and manage through a MarketBlast account.

how does it work?

MarketBlast is a simple but powerful platform for connecting companies with innovators.

To submit product innovation, simply create a free "Submitter" account, add products, and then search and submit directly to company hunts listed on the platform. Submitters have the ability to create a profile page for each product, including video, images and detailed product information. Once complete, products may be submitted directly to companies on an ongoing basis.

For companies, simply create a free "Receiver" account and then set up and activate a new innovation / product hunt. Once the hunt is approved it will automatically appear on the MarketBlast hunt platform for innovators to access and submit. Submissions are directly added to your account for review and consideration. Additionally, the platform enables direct communication between companies and submitters through their accounts.

Additionally, for companies interested in accepting submissions directly on their website, they can use the MarketBlast submission form and add a link directly on their website. All submissions would then be added into the "new" folder of a company's account. All products submitted through a website form are kept 100% confidential.

who can use MarketBlast?

For submitting product innovation, MarketBlast is typically used by startups, entrepreneurs, product manufacturers and serious innovators looking for companies interested in licensing, wholesaling, retailing, acquiring or liquidating innovative products. However, MarketBlast is not designed for new, unprotected ideas that haven't yet been designed, developed or prototyped. If you have questions about protecting an idea, we recommend consulting a patent attorney.

For receiving submissions, MarketBlast is typically used by companies seeking growth or new sales through product licensing, wholesaling, retailing or acquisition. These companies include manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, infomercial companies, home shopping or app companies.

what does it cost?

For companies interested in receiving submissions there are no costs to conduct and maintain product hunts on the platform or to add a MarketBlast submission form directly on a company website. The platform is 100% free with no contracts or commissions.

For innovators, there are no costs to create an account or to add and manage an unlimited number of products. However, to submit to companies, MarketBlast utilizes a pay-per-submission model. Your first 3 company submissions are FREE and each company submission after would have a small submission fee ranging from $8 to $12 depending on the submission credits assigned to the specific hunt (see details below). By eliminating the middleman, MarketBlast also eliminates upfront costs, commissions, or the need to give up a percentage of a product, either in royalties or equity.

Submission credits: each company hunt is assigned a submission value (cost) from 2-4 credits. Submitters are given 9 free credits to submit to their first 3 company hunts (on average), which are deducted from their credit balance when a product is submitted. Submitters may replenish their submission credits and continue submitting to companies by purchasing additional submission credits. Click the add credits link at top of your dashboard to view package options.

how do i search for companies?

After signing up for MarketBlast, log in to your account and click on the "open hunts" tab. From there, you will be able to search the entire list of MarketBlast hunts by category, keyword, date or type of company. MarketBlast is continually adding new company hunts to the platform so new opportunities will be posted each week.

how do i submit to companies?

Start by adding your product[s] to your account. Once your product is active and "ready to submit" go to the open hunts tab to search for companies and select the hunts that best fit your product. From the company's detailed hunt page click the "continue" button to open the company's terms of submission. From there, check the terms box and click the submit button. Once you click the submit button, your product profile page is delivered directly into the company's account for review and consideration.

will my submission go directly to the company?

Yes. You select and submit to the companies of your choice and your submissions are delivered directly into the account of the company for review and consideration. No one has access to your product information until you directly submit to a specific company and only that company will be able to review.

how will i know if there is interest?

Once a product has been submitted you can track the submission's progress from the "My Submits" tab in your account. You can monitor where the product sits in the company's review process from received to reviewed or declined. Once a company is interested in learning more about your product they will contact you through your MarketBlast account or by contacting you directly by phone or email. If the company is not interested they will decline the product and you will be notified.

what is the timeframe for reviews?

There is no set timeframe for reviews because each company operates their internal review processes differently. Some review daily while other may review weekly or monthly. However, MarketBlast monitors and encourages companies to be diligent with reviews and decisions to ensure that submission are managed in a timely manner.

how many products can i add and submit?

There are no limits to the number of products that can be added to your account or to the number of company's you submit to.

can companies contact me direct?

Yes. Companies may contact you directly after receiving your submission to ask questions or to discuss a possible deal. All interactions are between the company and you. However, if you need assistance with negotiating a deal or contract, feel free to contact us. We'll make sure you get the help you need.

how do i reply to company questions?

If a company sends a question through the MarketBlast system you will receive a notification via email and on the notifications box located on your dashboard. To respond to the question, click the link provided to open the internal messaging system. From there, you will be able to respond and message back and forth with the company.

how do i purchase more submission credits?

Select the add credits link at the top of your dashboard when you are logged in and choose from the list of credit packages. You can purchase a package using a credit card. Your submission credits will appear at the top of your dashboard.

what is a product innovation hunt?

MarketBlast is a proprietary hunt platform that connects innovators (product owners) and companies from around the world for the purpose of product discovery and deal making. A product hunt starts when a company posts (advertises) their product needs and interests on the platform in the form of a "product innovation hunt". From there, innovators are able to search and submit directly to the company through the hunt platform. Further, MarketBlast is continually scouring the global for new and innovative products for the benefit of its product hunts.

what types of companies conduct hunts?

MarketBlast is typically used by companies seeking growth or new sales through product licensing, wholesaling, retailing or acquisition. These companies include manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, infomercial companies, home shopping or app companies.

who can submit to a hunt?

MarketBlast focuses primarily on startups, entrepreneurs, product manufacturers and serious innovators who are looking for companies to license, wholesale, retail, or acquire their innovative products. There are no geographical boundaries so product submitters can be located anywhere in the world.

what product categories can be included?

Since MarketBlast is a global platform for bringing buyers and sellers together, there are no specific limitations on the types of product categories that can be used.

how do we start a new hunt?

Sign up and create a "receiver" account for receiving product submissions and then log in to your account. From your dashboard, click the "create new hunt" menu at the top of the page and follow the steps for setting up a product hunt. Once complete, click the submit button to submit for approval. MarketBlast will review the hunt request and activate once approved. MarketBlast reviews and approves each hunt to ensure that only legitimate companies are posting product hunts.

how long does a hunt last?

Product hunts expire after 90 days but can be set to renew automatically or manually.

how much does it cost to conduct a hunt?

Nothing. There are no fees of any kind.

how long does it take to activate a hunt?

All product hunt requests are reviewed within 1 to 2 business days. Once approved, the hunt will automatically activate on the platform.

how many hunts can our company run?

There is no limit on the number of hunts a company can conduct. If your company has multiple brands, divisions or subsidiaries you may decide to conduct separate hunts for each.

how do we contact submitters?

The submitter's contact information is contained on the product profile page. Select the 'contact info' menu from underneath the Review / Decline buttons to find the contact info. Or, you may utilize the internal messaging system built into MarketBlast for communicating back and forth.

can we add a submission form to our website?

Yes. Once your account has been created, all you need to do is create a button or link on your company website and point it to your MarketBlast submission form link.
This link is automatically created when you set up your submission form by following the steps on the Create & Manage Submission form link located at the top of your dashboard page. The link is contained on the "Activate Form" menu on this page.

can we customize our submission form?

Yes, there are elements of the submission form that can be customized, including adding additional questions to the form. See form set up for more information.

is there a cost to use a submission form?

There are no costs to use the submission system.